Check this out:
Information on the Iron Kingdoms

Some great background/fluff to get a handle on the world in general, even if you’re already familiar with the TT game.

I’d particularly note the “Races of the Iron Kingdoms” and “Deities of the Iron Kingdoms” section. Even if not a cleric, quite a few people in the Iron Kingdoms are religious to some extent even if it is just a “Sundays and Holidays” type of thing for them.

Hello and welcome Players!

I’ll be trying to provide links to all relevant you need to start out. Character classes are going to be modified from the standard in ability and availability, this is both to suit the setting and my style preferences as a GM. If you have a character concept you don’t think is well served by the options available please let me know, and well find a way to make it viable.

Character Generation Rules:
Ability Score Generation: 22-point buy.
2 Traits
Starting Gold: 400-gp, regardless of class.

Available races are listed here: Races
Available classes are listed here: Classes
Alignment: Any non-evil, non-stupid

You can find the current situation of your characters and the mercenary company in the adventure log. ’

IMPORTANT: Mass Battle System

Check out the Wiki page for various information. Here are some relevant links:


Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011