Rangers function with the following changes:

-Per the Iron Kingdoms rules, rangers don’t get an animal companion. I’m thinking of a suitable replacement ability to make up for this loss.

-You do not need to choose between Ranged & Two-Weapon fighting combat styles. You have both, and may select a feat for each, each time your combat style would advance.

-You can learn, ready and initiate maneuvers just as a Crusader does. You have access to the Tiger Claw, Stone Dragon and Falling Star schools. You can’t cast spells.

NOTE: The standard maneuvers can be found here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20061225a I’d suggesting looking at the lists for individual schools. If I get a moment I’ll organize the information a bit better.

NOTE: Since this is orginally 3.5 material it contains some references to skills that aren’t in pathfinder. Replace any references to these skills with their following equivalents:
Tumble, Jump or Balance: Arcobatics
Hide: Stealth
Concentration: Perception


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