No one can say when the firearm first arose on the continent, the pinlock dates back to at least 80AR.

Guns and Powder are neither cheap, nor easy to produce. However they are powerful weapons capable of putting down an enemy at range.

While many specialized, unique or unique firearms what follows are simply the most common.

Military Pistol
Cost: 300gp
Range Increment: 150ft
Reload: 1 Move Action
Critical: 19-20×3
Damage: 2d6
Ammo Cost: 8gp/Shot

Light Pistol
Cost: 200gp
Range Increment: 100ft
Reload: 1 Move Action
Critical: 20×3
Damage: 1d10
Ammo Cost: 6gp/Shot

Military Rifle
Cost: 600gp
Range Increment: 300ft
Reload: 1 Move Action
Critical: 19-20×3
Damage: 2d10
Ammo Cost: 10gp/Shot

Cost: 400gp
Range Increment: 120ft
Reload: 3 full-round actions
Damage: 1d12
Critical: 19-20×2
Ammo Cost: 9gp/Shot

Musket, Pistol
Cost: 150gp
Range Increment: 80ft
Reload: 2 full-round actions
Damage: 1d8
Critical: 20×2
Ammo Cost: 7gp/shot

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