New feats for this game:

Prerequisites: Dexterity 15
Benefits: You may reload any firearm with a reload of time of 1 Move Action or less as a part of your normal move.
Normal: You must spend a move action to reload a firearm.

Prerequisites: Dexterity 17, Gunner, Base Attack Bonus +6
Benefits: You may exchange your currently held pistol for another as a Free action, allowing you to take many shots in rapid succession.s


Prerequisites: Dexterity 17, Gunner, Base Attack Bonus +6
Benefits: As a full-round action, when using any kind of rifle, you may take steady aim at a target. If you do, and the target does not leave your line of sight until the start of your next turn, you may then make a single attack as a free action. If this attack hits multiply the damage after applying all other modifiers (including damage reduction), the amount multiplied depends on your base attack bonus:
+6 to +10: x1.5
+11 to +14: x2.0
+15 to +19: x2.5
+20 or more: x3.0

Modified Feats:
Two-Weapon Fighting
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15
Benefits: When wielding a weapon in both hands, each time you make an with attack with your main hand weapon during a full-attack action, you may make an additional attack with your off-hand weapon. This does not apply to “Extra Attacks” such as those granted by Haste, a Speed Weapon or Certain Maneuvers.

This attack is at the same Base Attack Bonus as the main attack and both attacks suffer a penalty based on the type of weapons you are wielding.
Two One-Handed Weapons: -4
A One-handed Weapon and Light Weapon: -2
Two Light Weapons: -2

Remove. Improved & Greater Two weapon fighting. This one feat replaces them all.


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