The following are the classes being used by default:
If something you need for a character concept isn’t here, let me know and give me a link to the material you want to use. (All Pathfinder AND D&D 3.5 material is fair game. Be it 1st party, 3rd-party, fan made homebrew, or something of your own concoction.)

Barbarian – As Standard
Bard – Spellcasting Changes
Cleric – Spellcasting Changes
Druid – Spellcasting Changes
Warblade – Replaces Fighter
Swordsage – Replaces Monk
Crusader – Replaces Paladin
Ranger – See page for modifications.
Rogue – As Standard
Sorcerer – Spellcasting Changes
Wizard – Spellcasting Changes

Iron Kingdoms Specific:
Gun Mage
Arcane Mechanick



Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011 Blarmb