Arcane Mechanik

Hit Die: d6
Skills per level: 6 + Int modifier
Class Skills: Appraise, Climb, Craft, Advanced Craft(Clockwork),Advanced Craft(Mechanika), , Advanced Craft( Steam Engine), Disable Device, ’Jack Handling, Knowledge(Arcana), Knowledge( Mechanicka), Knowledge(Engineering), Knowledge(Geography), Knowledge(Nature), Profession, Perception, Spellcraft

See Here for information on the new skills.

Weapon & Armor Proficiencies: Arcane Mechaniks are proficient with the dagger, club, halfspear, handaxe, heavy mace, heavy pick, light hammer, short sword, warhammer, light crossbow, heavy crossbow, light armor, medium armor and shields.

Familiar: As wizard.

Scribe Scroll: Arcane Mechaniks gain scribe scroll as a bonus feat.

Spellcaster: An Arcane Mechanik is a spellcaster see here for information on spell casting.

They cast learn and cast spells in the same fashion as a wizard, and maintain a spellbook.

They have the same number of spell points as bard. They gain access to new levels of spells at the same level as bards.

You start play with 5 0-level spells, and a number of additional spells equal to your int bonus.

INT determines the Save DC, Bonus Spell Points and Highest Level spell an Aracne Mechanick can can cast.

They may choose their spells from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list.

_Mechanika Familiarity _: Arcane Mechaniks do not need to make a Advanced Craft(Mechanika) check to use familiar Mechanika. Arcane Mechaniks get a +5 bonus on all Advanced Craft(Mechanika) tests to use foreign mechanika, replace parts and make repairs.

Craft Wonderous Item: Gain Craft Wonderous Item as a Bonus Feat.

Charge Accumulator: A Arcane Mechanik may charge and Accumulator by spending 2 spell points per charge. To learn more about Mechanika look Here.

Mechinkal Familiar. As a standard familiar, only costs an additional 2500gp in materials and it’s type changes to construct. See wizard entry. Requires winding once a day.

Bonus Feats: You may select the following as bonus feats: Any Item Creation Feat, Any Metamagic Feat, Any Mechanika Feat or Union Steamo see Feats for new feats.

Mechnikal Innovation: You invent some new piece of Mechanika. Work with your DM to create your own bonus feat that represents your new found ability. The invention should be specific in function and somewhat limited in scope(inventing a new type of Warjack Cortex, for example).

Arcane Mechanik

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