Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011

Jasper's Journal III

Donard 7th, Casteus AR610

Yikes! I am glad to find you, thought I’d done lost this Journal when I went back to the city. Turns out it was wedged in something fierce between those oil flasks. One o’ dem worker boys was kind enough to this old man to bring it on back to me!

I tell ya though, that was some sight. They turned back those bandits (theys can call theyselves whatever’ they wants, buts a man is what ‘e does and those men done actin’ like the bandits so they is far as Jasper’s concerned!), like it was nothin’. Lost some good folks, that’s the way these things go though. See it enough times before.

Gorim 1st, Casteus AR610

Windy today. I’m thinkin’ we may seen the last o’ those bandits. Iffin’ that was best attack they could muster up after week ain’ thinkin’ they got much muscle, least not in these parts.

Gorim 2nd, Casteus AR610

Cold today. Can’t say the horses like it very much, keepin’ ‘em comfy best I can. Could use a proper stable though. Gettin’ back to town will be a blessin’.

Gorim 3rd, Casteus AR610

Colder than yesterday. I downright can’t stand this. Luckily I done found some o those ol’ red mushrooms gramma done always put in ’er goose. Spicy things outta warm me right up.

Gorim 3rd, Casteus AR610

Oooh. Those mushrooms didn’t go down just right, thinkin’ the ones gramma used had brown spots? Oh well, can’t hurt nothin’. I feel fine anyway.

Gorim 3rd, Casteus AR610

Dang. I done seen some nasty things in my time, I tell you. Ain’ nothin’ like those boys who ate those mushrooms. Downright thought they was gonna turn inside out. Shame what if that’s todays youngins. Gettin all put up by a off cap or two. This old timer’s doin’ just fine.

Gorim 4th Casteus AR610

Finally Feelin’ a bit less crisp. Felt a bit sorry for those boys who I got sick, ain’ none of ‘em too worse for wear. ’ceptin that one fella with the lazy eye. Feelin’ bad so I figure i’ll try an’ see if I can fill in for ’im some. No sense having him lose coin on my count

Gorim 5th Casteus AR610

Whoo! That was a bit tough a first day yesterday, but I feel like Im gettin’ the hang o this. Maybe I oughta change a careers! Just foolin’.

Gorim 6th Casteus AR610

Hur(illegible) my wri(illegible) somethin (illegible) hammer (illegible) old (illegible) lucky i din’t (illegible) a thmab.

Vendarl 4th, Trineus AR610

The ol’ hands feelin’ better. Guess it serves me right. Still nice to be back in town for a few days. The horses are takin’ to proper stablin’ right good, so I can’t complain. Yesterday was pretty fun some o’ the guards came down wit their family. lil’ ones loved seein’ the rides. Feels good to help folks without makin’ ’em sick.

Vendarl 5th, Trineus AR610

Bosses came back with a new contract. It’s a biggin’, might need a few more animals to haul all that stuff. Hopin’ they go wit some donkeys. Always had a soft spot for them fellas, even as stubborn as they are. Good ’n sturdy.

I’m likin’ this mission. Doin’ the good lords work and earnin’ some coin at it took. No complainin’ there.

Dunno about that other job though. Never heard ‘o grimmerlons or such. Don’t see much worth goin’ after anythin’ that cat done dragged in.

Vendarl 6th, Trineus AR610

Lookin’ like Sumali finally got her appointment with one o’ dem hand-wavers from the lodge. Whole bit of shifty sorts ya ask me. Never done trust a man who don’t do his work with his own hands, rather than with a bunch of hand wavin’ n’ carryin’ on.

Guessin’ it can’t be too bad though, iffin’ they can help find that old sword.

Jasper's Journal II

Malleus 5th, Casteus AR 610

Rough night. Couldn’t sleep well with all this clammorin’ and puttin’ on by the workers. They this noisey every night? Or just when those ol bandits get turned ‘round? Hope it ain’t gonna be like that for the whole trip.

Today turned out to be pretty interesting. Word is going around that the bosses found out these aren’t any ordinary bandits. Apparently they’re sendin’ word back to some old noble hopin’ it’ll rile him up some.

Malleus 6th, Casteus AR 610

Uneventful day. Kind of cloudy colder than usual. Hope it ain’t gonna snow, been lucky ain’t been much this year.

Malleus 7th, Casteus AR 610

Miss my horse. Hope Sumali takin’ good care of him.

Glad the stew here is good. Camp cook knows what he’s doin’. Wish there was more meat in it though. Maybe I should see if I can shoot me up a bird or somethin’.

Done seen some old squawkers nestin’ in a tree not far from camp. Asked the some of the workers around camp if they didn’t have bow an old timer could borrow. Ain’ anyone so generous, got a fella to loan me his for a tenth a crown till tommorow. Said iffin’ I got some birds and shared ‘em he’d let me use the bow whenever I pleased. Doesn’t seem like a bad fella, I think his name was Charlie?

Donard 1st, Casteus AR610

Ha-ha! Jasper’s still got it I tell ya. Missed my first shot by a mile, luckily it didn’t scare those ol’ things. Then three in a row! Maybe I should sign up for regular duty, no, no that isn’t for Jasper.

Brought those birds back to cook, fried ’em right up. Saved o bit to throw in my bowl tonight. They got real flavor, not like those bland city-birds.

Donard 2nd, Casteus AR610 – Morning

Got to thinkin’. Them birds wasn’t in that tree fer no reason. I betcha theres some eggs or the like about up there. Isn’t about the time o’ year when they’d get to hatchin’? These old bones o’ mine are too tired to shimmy up that gnarly tree though.

Donard 2nd, Casteus AR610 – Afternoon

Got that Charlie fella to shimmy on up there durin’ the break, sure enough was some eggs up there. Theys mostly on the way to hatchin’ though, dunno about it. Saw one o’ them pointy-toothed goblins eat somethin’ like that once can’t be too bad.

h2.Donard 2nd, Casteus AR610 – Night

Eggs were an awful idea. Don’t get how anyone could handle that. Saw Jacques make a fool outta ol’ charlie in the ring though. Saw Bork make a fool o’ himself, don’t know why that boy can’t keep his clothes one.

Still, lookin’ like a good night. Got some boys gonna sign up looks like, includin’ ol charlie. Might be fun havin him around.

Donard 3rd, Casteus AR610

‘nother attack today. Iffin’ you can call it that. Those boys were feelin’ us out! Thinkin’ there awful sore about last time. Didn’t see none, but a good number of folks wound up with arrows stuck in ‘em. I don’t know this was really different, last guys barely had sticks these guys had weapons ’n horses.

Got some good fellas, I’d shared some stew with to bad. Done hit Charlie in the arm, think he’ll make though not more than a scratch. Them young fellas can take it.

Jasper's Journal I

Malleus 1st, Casteus AR 610

Oh dear, another set of new owners today I don’t think these old bones can take another disaster like Capn’ Chester. Morrow knows my hope aren’t too high for these ones, It’d take a bunch of fools to buy into a venture like this one. Ah, but they’re young still so perhaps it is the good kind of foolish. I dunno, maybe they’ll even buy some horses. Sure would be to get workin’ again.

Malleus 2nd, Casteus AR 610

New management sure is interesting. Glad to see they offed that nothern swill, couldn’t stand the stuff. Started feeling better about how things might go when they brought back the horses, fine animals. You can’t beat a good horse really, not a more noble animal in the world, no sir. Ahhh, they spent the night boozin’ though not the best sign. That gobber fella came back smellin’ like he’d swimmin’ in a cask. Bort, Bart was it? Not sure how I feel ‘bout him. Skinny guy and the dark-skinned lady seem OK though. Rich kid was sure quite tonight, get the feelin’ he missed out on the party somehow.

Malleues 3rd, Casteus AR 610

Boy I tell you, feels good to be back on the road! These folks are lookin’ like they might be a little sharp after all. Caught that shady lookin’ fella up on the hill right-quick. Iffin’ you ask me that fella was up to no good for sure, twas to woulda popped him one right there! Not sure what Bork has against his clothin’ though.. not looking forward to that fella in the summer. Wish they hadn’t made me rile up the horses, they ain’t even used to us yet.

Malleues 4th, Casteus AR 610

Well, I’ll be they! Them kids did it. I don’t think I’ve seen a job got that smoothly in.. 10 years. Ain’t over though, them rail boys have quite a while left to build. This should be intrestin’. Wonder if the camp cook makes a decent stew…

The Start of the Game

I’ve posted a bit on mercenaries in general, and the state of the company. This should be my last post it’s about your current circumstances.

The year is AR610*. Tension is growing ever greater on the continent, as the always fighting factions gear up for full blown assaults on one another. For the past few months at least, this has actually meant a lull in hostilities as the armies gird themselves for the coming escalations in conflict.

How long this will last is not clear, however things are far from peaceful a hand there will be work to be had.

You currently find yourselves in Corvis, near the edge of Cygnaran territory. Th eweather has been suitably unpleasant, raining almost constantly for the past week. At the moment there are several big items in the news:

First is the extension of the Bainsmarket rail line. The project has been in the works for 2 years now, and has almost reached Corvis. Due to be complete in 3 months the project has been slowed by bandit attacks, the environment and tensions with the workers.

Rumors persist about a group of Khadoran infiltrators in the area. Accidents involving industry and influential travelers have been unusually frequently recently. Many take this as evidence of commandos committing acts of sabotage. Others see it simply as a natural consequence of the rising population and unrest as long term refugees still have no place to go.

Finally news on the refugees: After five years, the situation in the tent cities is becoming unbearable. The Morrowan Church working with donations has finally put the funds together to move a portion of the population. They’ve been able to arrange for jobs and more permanent housing to the south past Fort Falk, in Fharin. However the mission has been delayed due the dangerous state of the roads.

State of the Company

As you already know, the company is in a bit of a sore position right now and it’s up to you to change that!

You’ve got a lot of debt, and not much else so we’ll cover the debt first.

It’s not exactly clear exactly, how much you owe who. What’s left of the company’s books is a mess. The paperwork was filed to get various legal from a half-dozen different authorities when the purchase was made but things probably won’t be totally clear for a least a month or two.

However you’ve been able to make out this much:

About twenty-thousand towers* that you can account for right now.

About a third of it seems to have been consolidated by a new holding company, the Red Sands League based out of Fharin. It’s notable for having rising to prominence in a relatively short time, riding the banking boom with careful investments in alchemical ventures.

Another quarter or so belongs to the Steam & Iron Workers union or rather various members of it. This seems to be the most lenient of the outstanding accounts. First glances show that at least someone was awake at the helm in the old management. Interests rates are low, and delinquent payment penalties seem pretty lax. It could prove to be an issue if the company is looking to take on ’jacks, however.

The last bits are split between Crucible Arms and the Midfast Armorer’s Guild, though given the state of Llael the former probably lacks the legal teeth to collect at the moment.

All things said, you’ll probably have to come up with about 5,000gp in payments by the end of the month. That should avoid any major legal trouble, but won’t be much more than a small bite out of a very big pie.

Now for the “not much else”:

You’ve got booze and plenty of it. Seems to be the one thing the previous owner kept track of. It’s good quality stuff too, Khadoran spirits that are hard to come by this far south of the border. If you could find a buyer, might be able to make a pretty penny off it. Granted you’re mercenaries not merchants, but it never hurt anyone to have a little side business eh? Or you could keep it, as you bring on more personnel it never hurts to have quality good drink around.

About a half dozen wagons, the old fashioned sort. Enough to cart around a fair amount of supplies, if you had any. Whatever animals they were using to pull ’em are long gone though.

Most of the equipment that was left was worthless. However, you were able salvage enough spears and leather armor to outfit about 10 persons, should you take on any without their own equipment.

As you may have assumed all the actual mercenaries have long since left, the only employee who has stuck through it is Jasper. A midlunder who you guess is in his 60s, and claims to take care of the horses. Though you’ve yet to find any horses.

You of course, also have whatever money your characters have on their person.

*A tower is a Cygnaran platinum piece.

*Based on the timelines I was able to find in various sources this seems like a best-guess for my premise. If you’re more familiar and think we should be using a different date, let me know.

The Work Begins
Staring Information!

“A mercenary company is founded by a charter between a sponsoring governing authority and the mercenary commander. Ownership of this charter represents ownership of this company, and can be passed down to successors. When the charter is burned or otherwise destroyed, the company is disbanded.”

The privilege of commanding a mercenary company is a relatively rare one. While mercenaries themselves are as common as Cygnaran Halfshield , standing companies are entities of note. The requirement for commanding a company and individual charter is itself valuable and hard to acquire. Succession is a careful matter and one must already be hardened veteran to earn the honor. Either by having the previous commander select you or by being bold enough to seize power oneself.

Still the world can be strange at times, and unlikely things happen. Such as a charter, and by extension it’s right to run a company falling into the hands of band of fresh mercenaries. As that’s exactly what happened for the PCs.

The previous leadership ran the company into the ground, accumulating debt and failures like they were the most valuable things on Caern. By the time the last commander died drowning in his own ale, it was left with no successor. Being both his personal possession and an entity which owed considerable money the charter was seized and auctioned.

Not many were too interested in buying what amounted a pile of debt and rusty armor. However for our PCs it represented a chance of a lifetime. Now the joint owners of the company, they’ll need to gather supplies, hire personnel, fulfill contracts and build a reputation.


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