Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011

The Start of the Game

I’ve posted a bit on mercenaries in general, and the state of the company. This should be my last post it’s about your current circumstances.

The year is AR610*. Tension is growing ever greater on the continent, as the always fighting factions gear up for full blown assaults on one another. For the past few months at least, this has actually meant a lull in hostilities as the armies gird themselves for the coming escalations in conflict.

How long this will last is not clear, however things are far from peaceful a hand there will be work to be had.

You currently find yourselves in Corvis, near the edge of Cygnaran territory. Th eweather has been suitably unpleasant, raining almost constantly for the past week. At the moment there are several big items in the news:

First is the extension of the Bainsmarket rail line. The project has been in the works for 2 years now, and has almost reached Corvis. Due to be complete in 3 months the project has been slowed by bandit attacks, the environment and tensions with the workers.

Rumors persist about a group of Khadoran infiltrators in the area. Accidents involving industry and influential travelers have been unusually frequently recently. Many take this as evidence of commandos committing acts of sabotage. Others see it simply as a natural consequence of the rising population and unrest as long term refugees still have no place to go.

Finally news on the refugees: After five years, the situation in the tent cities is becoming unbearable. The Morrowan Church working with donations has finally put the funds together to move a portion of the population. They’ve been able to arrange for jobs and more permanent housing to the south past Fort Falk, in Fharin. However the mission has been delayed due the dangerous state of the roads.



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