Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011

Jasper's Journal II

Malleus 5th, Casteus AR 610

Rough night. Couldn’t sleep well with all this clammorin’ and puttin’ on by the workers. They this noisey every night? Or just when those ol bandits get turned ‘round? Hope it ain’t gonna be like that for the whole trip.

Today turned out to be pretty interesting. Word is going around that the bosses found out these aren’t any ordinary bandits. Apparently they’re sendin’ word back to some old noble hopin’ it’ll rile him up some.

Malleus 6th, Casteus AR 610

Uneventful day. Kind of cloudy colder than usual. Hope it ain’t gonna snow, been lucky ain’t been much this year.

Malleus 7th, Casteus AR 610

Miss my horse. Hope Sumali takin’ good care of him.

Glad the stew here is good. Camp cook knows what he’s doin’. Wish there was more meat in it though. Maybe I should see if I can shoot me up a bird or somethin’.

Done seen some old squawkers nestin’ in a tree not far from camp. Asked the some of the workers around camp if they didn’t have bow an old timer could borrow. Ain’ anyone so generous, got a fella to loan me his for a tenth a crown till tommorow. Said iffin’ I got some birds and shared ‘em he’d let me use the bow whenever I pleased. Doesn’t seem like a bad fella, I think his name was Charlie?

Donard 1st, Casteus AR610

Ha-ha! Jasper’s still got it I tell ya. Missed my first shot by a mile, luckily it didn’t scare those ol’ things. Then three in a row! Maybe I should sign up for regular duty, no, no that isn’t for Jasper.

Brought those birds back to cook, fried ’em right up. Saved o bit to throw in my bowl tonight. They got real flavor, not like those bland city-birds.

Donard 2nd, Casteus AR610 – Morning

Got to thinkin’. Them birds wasn’t in that tree fer no reason. I betcha theres some eggs or the like about up there. Isn’t about the time o’ year when they’d get to hatchin’? These old bones o’ mine are too tired to shimmy up that gnarly tree though.

Donard 2nd, Casteus AR610 – Afternoon

Got that Charlie fella to shimmy on up there durin’ the break, sure enough was some eggs up there. Theys mostly on the way to hatchin’ though, dunno about it. Saw one o’ them pointy-toothed goblins eat somethin’ like that once can’t be too bad.

h2.Donard 2nd, Casteus AR610 – Night

Eggs were an awful idea. Don’t get how anyone could handle that. Saw Jacques make a fool outta ol’ charlie in the ring though. Saw Bork make a fool o’ himself, don’t know why that boy can’t keep his clothes one.

Still, lookin’ like a good night. Got some boys gonna sign up looks like, includin’ ol charlie. Might be fun havin him around.

Donard 3rd, Casteus AR610

‘nother attack today. Iffin’ you can call it that. Those boys were feelin’ us out! Thinkin’ there awful sore about last time. Didn’t see none, but a good number of folks wound up with arrows stuck in ‘em. I don’t know this was really different, last guys barely had sticks these guys had weapons ’n horses.

Got some good fellas, I’d shared some stew with to bad. Done hit Charlie in the arm, think he’ll make though not more than a scratch. Them young fellas can take it.



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