Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011

Jasper's Journal III

Donard 7th, Casteus AR610

Yikes! I am glad to find you, thought I’d done lost this Journal when I went back to the city. Turns out it was wedged in something fierce between those oil flasks. One o’ dem worker boys was kind enough to this old man to bring it on back to me!

I tell ya though, that was some sight. They turned back those bandits (theys can call theyselves whatever’ they wants, buts a man is what ‘e does and those men done actin’ like the bandits so they is far as Jasper’s concerned!), like it was nothin’. Lost some good folks, that’s the way these things go though. See it enough times before.

Gorim 1st, Casteus AR610

Windy today. I’m thinkin’ we may seen the last o’ those bandits. Iffin’ that was best attack they could muster up after week ain’ thinkin’ they got much muscle, least not in these parts.

Gorim 2nd, Casteus AR610

Cold today. Can’t say the horses like it very much, keepin’ ‘em comfy best I can. Could use a proper stable though. Gettin’ back to town will be a blessin’.

Gorim 3rd, Casteus AR610

Colder than yesterday. I downright can’t stand this. Luckily I done found some o those ol’ red mushrooms gramma done always put in ’er goose. Spicy things outta warm me right up.

Gorim 3rd, Casteus AR610

Oooh. Those mushrooms didn’t go down just right, thinkin’ the ones gramma used had brown spots? Oh well, can’t hurt nothin’. I feel fine anyway.

Gorim 3rd, Casteus AR610

Dang. I done seen some nasty things in my time, I tell you. Ain’ nothin’ like those boys who ate those mushrooms. Downright thought they was gonna turn inside out. Shame what if that’s todays youngins. Gettin all put up by a off cap or two. This old timer’s doin’ just fine.

Gorim 4th Casteus AR610

Finally Feelin’ a bit less crisp. Felt a bit sorry for those boys who I got sick, ain’ none of ‘em too worse for wear. ’ceptin that one fella with the lazy eye. Feelin’ bad so I figure i’ll try an’ see if I can fill in for ’im some. No sense having him lose coin on my count

Gorim 5th Casteus AR610

Whoo! That was a bit tough a first day yesterday, but I feel like Im gettin’ the hang o this. Maybe I oughta change a careers! Just foolin’.

Gorim 6th Casteus AR610

Hur(illegible) my wri(illegible) somethin (illegible) hammer (illegible) old (illegible) lucky i din’t (illegible) a thmab.

Vendarl 4th, Trineus AR610

The ol’ hands feelin’ better. Guess it serves me right. Still nice to be back in town for a few days. The horses are takin’ to proper stablin’ right good, so I can’t complain. Yesterday was pretty fun some o’ the guards came down wit their family. lil’ ones loved seein’ the rides. Feels good to help folks without makin’ ’em sick.

Vendarl 5th, Trineus AR610

Bosses came back with a new contract. It’s a biggin’, might need a few more animals to haul all that stuff. Hopin’ they go wit some donkeys. Always had a soft spot for them fellas, even as stubborn as they are. Good ’n sturdy.

I’m likin’ this mission. Doin’ the good lords work and earnin’ some coin at it took. No complainin’ there.

Dunno about that other job though. Never heard ‘o grimmerlons or such. Don’t see much worth goin’ after anythin’ that cat done dragged in.

Vendarl 6th, Trineus AR610

Lookin’ like Sumali finally got her appointment with one o’ dem hand-wavers from the lodge. Whole bit of shifty sorts ya ask me. Never done trust a man who don’t do his work with his own hands, rather than with a bunch of hand wavin’ n’ carryin’ on.

Guessin’ it can’t be too bad though, iffin’ they can help find that old sword.



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