Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011

Jasper's Journal I

Malleus 1st, Casteus AR 610

Oh dear, another set of new owners today I don’t think these old bones can take another disaster like Capn’ Chester. Morrow knows my hope aren’t too high for these ones, It’d take a bunch of fools to buy into a venture like this one. Ah, but they’re young still so perhaps it is the good kind of foolish. I dunno, maybe they’ll even buy some horses. Sure would be to get workin’ again.

Malleus 2nd, Casteus AR 610

New management sure is interesting. Glad to see they offed that nothern swill, couldn’t stand the stuff. Started feeling better about how things might go when they brought back the horses, fine animals. You can’t beat a good horse really, not a more noble animal in the world, no sir. Ahhh, they spent the night boozin’ though not the best sign. That gobber fella came back smellin’ like he’d swimmin’ in a cask. Bort, Bart was it? Not sure how I feel ‘bout him. Skinny guy and the dark-skinned lady seem OK though. Rich kid was sure quite tonight, get the feelin’ he missed out on the party somehow.

Malleues 3rd, Casteus AR 610

Boy I tell you, feels good to be back on the road! These folks are lookin’ like they might be a little sharp after all. Caught that shady lookin’ fella up on the hill right-quick. Iffin’ you ask me that fella was up to no good for sure, twas to woulda popped him one right there! Not sure what Bork has against his clothin’ though.. not looking forward to that fella in the summer. Wish they hadn’t made me rile up the horses, they ain’t even used to us yet.

Malleues 4th, Casteus AR 610

Well, I’ll be they! Them kids did it. I don’t think I’ve seen a job got that smoothly in.. 10 years. Ain’t over though, them rail boys have quite a while left to build. This should be intrestin’. Wonder if the camp cook makes a decent stew…



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