Iron Kingdoms Mercs - Fall 2011

State of the Company

As you already know, the company is in a bit of a sore position right now and it’s up to you to change that!

You’ve got a lot of debt, and not much else so we’ll cover the debt first.

It’s not exactly clear exactly, how much you owe who. What’s left of the company’s books is a mess. The paperwork was filed to get various legal from a half-dozen different authorities when the purchase was made but things probably won’t be totally clear for a least a month or two.

However you’ve been able to make out this much:

About twenty-thousand towers* that you can account for right now.

About a third of it seems to have been consolidated by a new holding company, the Red Sands League based out of Fharin. It’s notable for having rising to prominence in a relatively short time, riding the banking boom with careful investments in alchemical ventures.

Another quarter or so belongs to the Steam & Iron Workers union or rather various members of it. This seems to be the most lenient of the outstanding accounts. First glances show that at least someone was awake at the helm in the old management. Interests rates are low, and delinquent payment penalties seem pretty lax. It could prove to be an issue if the company is looking to take on ’jacks, however.

The last bits are split between Crucible Arms and the Midfast Armorer’s Guild, though given the state of Llael the former probably lacks the legal teeth to collect at the moment.

All things said, you’ll probably have to come up with about 5,000gp in payments by the end of the month. That should avoid any major legal trouble, but won’t be much more than a small bite out of a very big pie.

Now for the “not much else”:

You’ve got booze and plenty of it. Seems to be the one thing the previous owner kept track of. It’s good quality stuff too, Khadoran spirits that are hard to come by this far south of the border. If you could find a buyer, might be able to make a pretty penny off it. Granted you’re mercenaries not merchants, but it never hurt anyone to have a little side business eh? Or you could keep it, as you bring on more personnel it never hurts to have quality good drink around.

About a half dozen wagons, the old fashioned sort. Enough to cart around a fair amount of supplies, if you had any. Whatever animals they were using to pull ’em are long gone though.

Most of the equipment that was left was worthless. However, you were able salvage enough spears and leather armor to outfit about 10 persons, should you take on any without their own equipment.

As you may have assumed all the actual mercenaries have long since left, the only employee who has stuck through it is Jasper. A midlunder who you guess is in his 60s, and claims to take care of the horses. Though you’ve yet to find any horses.

You of course, also have whatever money your characters have on their person.

*A tower is a Cygnaran platinum piece.

*Based on the timelines I was able to find in various sources this seems like a best-guess for my premise. If you’re more familiar and think we should be using a different date, let me know.



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